Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thankful Thursday ~Following HIM~

Greetings and Holykisses,

It's a privilege to share random blessings on this beautiful day.

1: Thank you Lord for reminding me once again, to follow YOU. I hear you.

2. Thank You Lord for helping me recognize that the" desires of hart," I have today;... were actually woven into me from the beginning. From studying this photo of me on my Momma's lap, I understand why I now like "rickrock" and feathers. I even decorate with bird nests, and feathers, as seen in the picture I snapped just today of our mantle. ~And to think - I actually had a package of white "rickrock" setting on that mantle this morning.... but figured it looked too oddly out of place, so I took it down. I'm just amazed at how you "work" and I thank you for showing me sweet lil things that just take my breath away.

3. Thank You Father for helping me read the book of Ezekiel. I've always gotten so frustrated trying to understand it. But you're helping me through......... I have this feeling that the questions I still have, will be answered another day... in Your timing.... and I trust You.

4. Thank You for being my El Roi. Learning Your names... is strengthening my faith in You. You're my Immanuel- God with me, my El Elyon: Most High God, and El Roi: my God who sees. You are sovereign and holy and mighty. To know You see me at all times, should keep me from ever feeling lonely, ever again.

5. Thank You Abba Father for Your lessons in love. I know Your ways and my ways are... very different. But I'm aware that You're giving me glimpses and a taste for Your amazing love, even though my mind comes so short of wrapping around it all.

6. Thank You Lord for the love of my husband. I'm so grateful we have so much fun together and laugh and grow closer every day. That's another thing about love that I never knew. When we married, I thought I couldn't love him more.... and yet... every day, every moment, every memory.... made our love grow somehow? Thank You.

7. Thank You for letting me be Mom to Trent and Tony. That's another thing about love that I never knew. I loved being pregnant, and from the moment I saw them.... never did I know I could love someone so much. And once again; every day, every moment, every memory....made our love grow somehow? Thank You.

8. Thank You for giving me courage to step out of my boat and take on a challenge that I normally would shy from.
With YOU leading.... I'm following!

Father in Heaven,
Thank You for giving me the desires of my hart.


Denise said...

You are precious beyond words my friend, love you.

Blissitydoodah said...

I recently started Ezekiel!
Those angels as described in the beginning...with so many large loud flapping wings!! No doubt when you have been visited by one, huh? I was surprised by them having wheels though?
I like your chalkboard verse :)
And your photo with sweet :)

From the Heart said...

Beautiful pictures and thank you's. God is so good. What would we do without Him. Those who don't know Him as their Lord are missing a lot.

Yolanda said...

I adore the picture of you and your Mamma!

Oh you are gonna scream on this word verification, I KID YOU NOT