Wednesday, December 30, 2009

God Works For The Good Of Those Who Love Him

Greetings and holykisses,

Happy Word filled Wednesday! I haven't participated in sharing a scripture picture in so long.
And here we are ... the last Wednesday of the year. Most of you know the story of Joseph in the book of Genesis where his brothers stripped him of his coat of many colors, and sold him into slavery. His life seemed to take turn after turn from there. But God was still in control, no matter how it had to have looked to Joseph at the time.

My friend Irene has a vintage photo shop on ebay called Reeneeqs, and I've acquired many vintage relatives thanks to her. This photo is from there, and I knew it was special from the moment I laid eyes on it. (Feel free to grab it!)

I can hardly believe tomorrow is new Years eve. I've been thinkin alot about last year's resolutions and my commitments. ~Remember, I said goodbye to M&Ms? I really didn't miss them that much, and I went the whole year without them until this Christmas and I found myself eating a cookie and then nearly spewed it out of my mouth because I realized it had M&M's in it. I don't feel too bad about it because I know my heart was "right." At that moment, I'd seriously forgotten all about the M&M thing. shewww. But knowing, those colorful little things are absolute evil in my life, I think I'll try to keep them out of my reach. Once I start eating them ... Its just katybarthedoor. How can something so tiny be such a huge temptation?
How can your life be taken over by candy to the point you start hiding it in your purse...and in the cupboards. I'm talkin those 2 pounder bags? Ohhh boy. And how is it that if you eat a two pound bag ... you gain five pounds? Myguy says it's just not possible... -- but he doesn't know!* It's true. How that works... is just beyond me?

Besides saying goodbye to M&M's I'd also committed to being healthier. Losing weight, exercising and all that good stuff. I did good for a really long time. Through Christmas, let's just say, the sweets have crossed my lips too much and I definitely need to get back on track. It felt great throwing all the junk away yesterday. Goodbye pumpkin bread, hello fresh fruit, yummy yogurts and cottage cheese. One of my other new years' commitments for 09 was reading my bible faithfully as well, and that' been the biggest blessing of my life. I didn't vow to read it in a year. I vowed to read it.. study it... let it all soak in. So far, I'm half way through Isaiah. In times past, I've read most of the New Testament so it'll go alot faster once I start Matthew. There have been parts, in the old testament that I wasn't sure it was really stickin... ya know what I mean?? I read Leviticus but... well; I can't say how much I "retained." But God says His word never returns void. I'm standing on that. I know that by reading it, it trickled in... even places I might not know.. yet. And so I continue on, and I feel so blessed having God's word in my heart. --I've met alot of new ancient friends reading through thee old testament too!!! I can hardly wait to get to know Jeremiah better. But me and Isaiah need to spend a little more time together first.

My journal sat before me yesterday and I stared at it for the longest time.
I've been praying for a new anchor verse for 2010, and so far I have nothing. My page is blank.
I'm reflecting on the past year, and look to whatever God has for me. I know He's in control.
In 2009 my family had good times,... as well as very bad times. But I know, that I know, that I know... God's working all of it for good; because ...
I love Him.


Tracy said...

Great post, sweet Lea! Love that photo and the verse you chose to share. (I always wondered where you got so many great vintage photos!) ; )

I too can't hardly believe we're on the doorstep of another year. Believe me I understand what you mean about those m&ms. To this day, I cannot even think about buying poptarts. Silly, but it's a slippery slope from there, and one I don't want to take! I'm slowly getting myself back on the post-Christmas track. Not going to have all three of those extra pounds off by tomorrow, but it's all good. I talked to a WW leader and she explained that doesn't mean you forfeit your lifetime status. It only means you have to pay for meetings again until you get back to your goal. Whew! That I can handle! Like you, we've thrown away lots of the junk and slowly switching back to healthy feels good.

What an awesome thing you remained faithful to reading the Word all year. May we continue being so in the year to come! I'm still trying to come up with my life verse for next year, too.

I sure am glad to have you as a sister in the Lord and friend. I can say through the good and even bad things of this past year, I've consistently seen Christ in you. That blesses and challenges me so, I can't fully even explain it.

Love & blessings for the year ahead, sweet buddy. So blessed to call you friend. ((Hugs!))

KathyH said...

I've never heard of anyone giving up anything for a whole year, and I'm fascinated by the concept! I've been doing Breaking Free online, and I LOVE Isaiah!

I'm starting a walking group Monday at the Marvin Vinson track. It'll be on Mon.-Wed.-Fri. at 11 a.m. Come if/when you can!

Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Amen ..Amen and Amen !!!

Sweet Lea are such an inspiration. I gave up resolutions long ago ..because I always seemed to break them ..It's so refreshing to read how hard you worked at keeping yours and succeeded. God tells us that self control is such an important aspect of our lives ..and I never thought of making new years resolutions as a testament of having self control ..until reading your post tonight.

The M&M's thing got me to chuckling ..I'm so all over the place with my sweet treats ..they are equal ...I don't know how I would choose what to give up ..LOL !!

And I was so glad to read that as you too studied the bible that you wondered how much really stuck. I have studied and read the old testament a 3 of times ..and I do have a hard time recalling things. I always felt bad for that ..but your reminder that Gods word will not return void such a blessing to me. I do have to say once I really dug into the old testament ..there were new things that popped out to me ..things that startled me and things that left me in Awe.

Our God is a Great God ...!!!

May your new Year be full of much blessing and Great Joy ..and whatever path you travel down ..may god give you the wisdom and strength to endure it.

Your Sister in Christ ..Sara

From the Heart said...

Love the verse and the picture. I have a picture of my Mom and Dad when they got married and it looks alot like the one you've got. I'll have to put it on one day if I can find it. If they were still alive they would have had their 75th Anniversary on December 21st. My mother said they had to elope because her father never wanted his girls to leave home. In fact several of her sisters did the same thing. She was 24 and they had me 10 years later. She never wanted me to leave home either but she finally reconciled herself to the fact that I was getting married. I think she eventually loved my husband as much as I did.

I haven't done the WFW in a couple weeks, will have to get back in the groove next week.

Hope you have a great New Year.
Luv u

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Bright blessings await Lea, and your friendship has been a shining star in my world! Happy New Year!! Hugs!

Yolanda said...

I love how your heart is always revealed to me when I come here and sit a spell. I so long to sit with you, our bibles and a good cup of coffee.

I'm loving Jesus more than I did in January of 2009 and that was my hearts desire.

Lovingly and Happy New Year's Eve,

My ADHD Me said...

Wow! I had forgotten about the M&M's. that is great that you made up your mind and did it. As for the M&M cookie. DEFINITELY doesn't count!

I like what you said about His word trickleing in when you're reading the Bible but aren't sure if you are "getting it". Often I have given up on reading parts because I felt like it just wasn't making sense to me. I think I'll try harder next time.

Have a wonderful New Year!!

My ADHD Me said...


Edie said...

Yay for you going a whole year without those m&ms! Great discipline my friend.

I love what you said about studying the Word and letting it all soak in. That is my goal. To let it permeate me.

Rich blessings to you and yours for 2010 my sweet friend!

Love you!