Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday Jumble and Cookie Cutter Hunt

Greetings and Holykisses,

Good mornin friends!

Sleep well? Think I could have stayed in bed til noon, but I have too many things I want to do today! I'm out the door for a quick trip to town to hit the thrifts and flea market; then back home to sew. I need more colored wool, and I can usually find old 100 percent wool skirts at the salvation army. Washing and drying them makes them perfect to use.

Sue at Country Pleasures, is having a Cookie Cutter Swap.
I signed up myself, and have already purchased a couple new cutters. Today,
I'm hoping to find vintage cutters at the flea market, to go along with the new. The last swap I joined was the Vintage Heart Swap; and that was a long time ago! It was so much fun, and it's nice to meet new friends with common interests.

I love Christmas cookies. Without a doubt, they are my very favorite cookie. I love the sweet buttery texture of the cookie, and adore the sweet frosting. In all honesty; when I make them myself they usually look rather pathetic. They taste good, but thee images are usually "off." I make green, and red frostings, but they are just not "pretty" like I want them to look. SO; if "you" have a great recipe, or know how to decorate them to look as good as they taste, bring it on!!! Please share in the comments- a recipe, or a link, or something- anything!! to get us baking Christmas sugar cookies like a pro! I've purchased a frosting kit, and this year, hope to create cookies with more flair!

Please share your tips, ideas!
Have a great weekend!
Holykisses! xoxo


Yolanda said...

Lea, I must confess...I can't even make cookie cutter cookies!! I love to bake, and do a fairly decent job, not bragging, just sayin'. But I would love to be able to do cookie cutter cookies. Want to come teach me?

Love ya

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I'm so glad your joining in on the cookie cutter swap, last year was alot of fun! I would love to know how to decorate cookies like the pros, I do know to use royal icing if that helps? Enjoy this weather!

Denise said...

You are so creative, and very talented.

From the Heart said...

Oh, I can smell the cookies baking all the way across the country.
To be honest I was never into baking cookies. I made cakes of all kinds, decorated them on special occasions, even made a whit grand piano for one of my husband's birthdays. That's what he did rebuild grand pianos. It was amazing how something so old and torn up could look so brand new when he finished. He doesn't do that anymore since he's partially retired.

Hope you had a fun day,

Laura said...


You are so much fun! I wish I could go to the fleamarket with you and get a good lesson on finding treasures. I'm with you on the Christmas cookies. My boys have to have an elaborate production every year. It's a huge mess, but worth it.

Wish we could have a cookie swap!

Janean said...

bless your hart, you had busy day! maybe you slept in just a little this morning? great blog!

BECKY said...

Hi Sweetness! I don't bake any cookies that need decorating! I bake tollhouse, Pecan puffs (pecan-sandy-ish rolled in xxx sugar), and gingersnaps! They are my family's faves so they're what I make!!

Enjoy the swap!! I use my cutters for tracing for crafts and cutting cheese and sandwiches!! LOL!!

Blessings and hugs,

BellaBliss said...

Oh everybody has happy memories making cookie messes at Christmas!
Here is what is killin' me and has been for quite some time now...

BellaBliss said...

And here:

Denise said...

Hey girl!!!! What do you do with the wool skirts when you wash them..... Take some pictures and show me what you do..... AND I have a picnic basket FULL of old metal cookie cutters that I am thinking of getting rid of....... Is that something that you girls would be interested in? I will sure put them on my post and give them away......

I still have your sweet email and will answer soon.......

Jensmere said...

Hi Lea...just stopped in to say hi! I will be happy to be a cookie taster should you need one! Plain or decorated... doesn't matter to me!

Bless you,