Friday, April 17, 2009

~Potting Shed Sunday~

Greetings and Holykisses!

It's a beautiful and very soggy Sunday.
We got up extra early this morning because the farrier came to trim our donkeys. It was thee only day he could make it over here. Spirit; our gelded Jack; has one hoof that keeps growing out rapidly in a funky way and it's trying to cripple him.

We had to catch the donkeys in the goat pen because we're weaning calves in the corral. Spirit is mean to Lydia the goat, so she had to be locked up in the barn first for her own protection. Which brings me to our duck situation which has went from bad to worse. We penned the donkeys in the goat pen so we could sort cows, a couple days ago and guess who I forgot about? You got it, the ducks.* Now the little one has a broken leg. I don't know what happened but our donkeys charge dogs all the time so it's a miracle she's not a dead-duck.!* (Hey; now we know where the saying comes from: "dead duck." )

I had decided to stop watering the ducks and was going to start putting their feed out out at the pond so maybe they'd figure out where they belong. Doesn't look like that will start anytime soon! The one-legged one wouldn't stand a chance hoppin around on one foot. Looking on the bright side, maybe I'll eventually lose these batwing arms carrying water! lol

It's been a busy and productive weekend. Mowing, weeding, and planting. I don't know what these flowers are that come up and vine all over but aren't the little periwinkle flowers interesting? They kinda remind me of pinwheels the way they turn slightly!
This flutterfly was visiting the lilac bush. She had two small chunks missing from her right wing.

Here's the new baby! A chocolate colored heifer. Her yellow Mom's on the left and the bull is her Dad. The cow never gets much milk, but she's a good Momma.

The garden is planted completely different this year. Instead of plowing up a big rectangle like usual, I only tilled around fenced cattle panels to grow all vines vertical. You know how cucumbers and melon vines sprawl out everywhere otherwise. (Vertically grown vines makes picking easier!) Then the tomatoes were planted around cattle panels as well so it's an easy way to stake them.

Can hardly wait to see some color around the shed. Lupines, Delphiniums, Foxglove, zinnias, cosmos, blackeyed susies, marigolds, tunies, moss roses, poppies, snapdragons, wildflower mix, and more glad bulbs. (Love the SALMON ones!) After that, I transplanted mallow that sprung up out of nowhere, and moved the yellow cannas, and stargazer lilies that Trent had given me a few years back. Yall probably remember what the morning glories do around here.* Well; they're back!

When I went in the potting shed, a Momma bird flew out of the trash can at me. Did you hear me scream?!!!! (Yeah; I was a "little" taken by SURPRISE!)
Look at her cute, little nest she built. I think she has 5 eggs. Now that I'm done planting I'll stay out of the Mommas feathers for a couple days but she's gonna have to share the shed!

Yesterday was spent yard saling with my forever friend Maxi. It was so much fun, even though it rained alot. She found tiny jars for miniature bouquets of flowers, a fishing net, a tater bin, a couple vintage jars with unusual closures, curtains, and a pizza pan. I found an antique garden gate, an antique coffee pot without a lid to plant flowers in, an antique light-blue bottle, a very old ledger book, a "wooden" clipboard, and an antique amber pepper shaker in the shape of a barrel. It was a blast. Can hardly wait to "plant" the gate!

Well, I better finish breakfast. I made Myguy his favorite YellowStone Eggs, and homemade hashbrowns. We started making eggs like this on our camping trip to Wyoming when the boys were young. With very little room in the camper, we cooked whatever we could using just one skillet. If you've never had eggs like this, you gotta try them.... they're delicious!

Yellowstone Eggs

Dice a can of spam and fry it in a skillet with a little bit of oil.
Drain on paper towels and wipe out the pan.
On medium heat, scramble beaten eggs in the skillet. For 4 people, I use 8 or more eggs.
You don't need to add milk, just scramble eggs. When they're done, return the cooked spam to the scrambled eggs and mix all together. Add grated cheese, salt n pepper. Mmmmm!

Yellowstone eggs with a side order of home made hashbrowns is like a Marital Bandaid for man who had to get out of bed extra early, on Sunday morning, before church.... to hold down a donkey for a pedicure. I'm off to iron his shirt! ~ and get ready for church.

Have a very special sabbath day!
God is so good.



Shanda said...

Hi Leam your day sounds productive, happy and content. I have lived through the same ordeal with the ducks about 12 years ago. I bought baby ducks, envisioning that Cody (my son) and I would sit along the pond bank and throw them bread and watch them splash around and swim. I had to chase them to the pond, scare them into the water and they immedietly got right back out. They were scared to death of the water and really wanted no part of it, although they were quite happy with a huge med hole in the chicken pen and they love to rinse all the corn from there mouth out into the water pan. They never did take to the pond, they stayed with the chickens most of the time and they were very messy in the yard, but oh how I love a good fryed duck egg. I think that maybe farm ducks really don't care for the deep water the way the wild ones do. I had the white kind, not the colored ones. I sorta thought about getting a couple this year, but I only thought about it fir a second, thank God. I have no chickens anymore and I bought my first store bought eggs yesterday. I miss them, but iot is so nice to not have to worry about them. I felt such relief when they were gone, like twenty kids had went home or something. I constantly worried about them, I felt like I had to hurry each day to let them out and I felt guilty if I was late and all day long I worried about coyotes and stray dogs, everythime I heard noise, I run to check if they were ok. I didn't realize the stress they were bring into my life until they were gone. I am really enjoying my flowers and mulch staying put.

I do miss gathering my eggs though, that was totally the best part.

Hope to see some pics of your beautiful flowers it is sounding very nice.

LisaShaw said...

Sweetness thanks for sharing some of the beautiful pieces/parts of your life with us. Love that little new heifer and how precious the birds nests. Wish I could visit with you in person.

Never heard of the yellowstone eggs. Sounds like a good breakfast was enjoyed. Those hashbrowns sound mmmgood.

I really like the photo of the woman on your sidebar and the thank you to our Lord for taking our place on the cross.

Love you.

Bliss said...

Mmmm those eggs sound yummy but girl...I've gotta stop eating so much! Or I won't fit thru your new old gate! And I really want to see that garden in it's full morning glory (yes, I remember what they do!)
Hope that duck leg heals! You might have to let that little thing sleep with you guys tonight in the house :p

Denise said...

Such nice pictures. I love you, praying for you.

godsown said...

Hi Friend
Blessings for this Sabbatday...

I'm doing now 3th shift...
My last i had a row of 3....

Liked to see your pictures...
And read your post about the animals....
Take care

Yolanda said...

I absolutely love hearing about your day!



HI Lea(:)
Oh a donkey ped(:)
well you sure do have your little hands full girl ~!!
Take a deep breath ..hugs,Patty

Laurie Ann said...

I love reading about your day. It sounds exhausting but so nice...

From the Heart said...

Well, Alice has been wondering all over this computer land trying to fix whatever might be broken. As you can see I must have done something right cause I finally found my way back to your blog. Didn't see any rabbits tho.

I like reading your post also. You have such an exciting life but then your younger than me, a lot younger than me.

See you soon,