Monday, July 14, 2008

You are cordially invited .... to our bible study TEAPARTY

Once upon a time, in a garden far, far away..... there was a teaparty- at the Shabby Olde Potting shed.
But not just "any" tea party.... but a BIBLE STUDY tea party..................................... Invitations were sent out... for the Princesses to attend.............and to "meet me in thee garden." I love the vintage picture of Jesus on the shed. You know what His word says, "Matthew 18: 20 For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them."What a deeeeeelightful, and FUN group of Princesses! Dressed to the HILT, and armed with their "swords." A prize was to be given for she who wore the most flowers. The competition was fierce, and "one" was determined to win the crown! heehoaoaoaooo
She wore her daisies proudly, and that vintage purse..... 2 di 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Urina Mariah attended.... as she too loves to par*ty.
These beautiful Princesses are sisters. Their sweet personalities are such that upon meeting them... you just love them, and you feel as though you've known them your whole life. they were dressed so beautiful and even "had" white gloves on... But you know how "country" Princesses are ....they usually take off their gloves, and some take off their shoes! winkwink
Meet Princess Callie, Prince Noah and Princess Karen. Are they not adorable? Baby Noah slept in thee castle awhile... and was such a good little boy. Callie was adorable -- I can't believe she just had a baby! I've known her since she was a young teenager, and have watched her grow into a BEEEEAUTIFUL, young woman and now a Mommy! What a gorgous Mother and daughter - and hopefully they made a memory they will not soon forget! heehee What a memorable three generation picture! whooHoOoo!
Princess Karen designed her own beeeautiful hat for the partY. Look closely because although she is standing in front of a row of sunflowers, the flowers behind her head, are actually coming out of her LAMPSHADE HAT! heehehaoaoaoaoaoooo IM still LOL over it. Not everyone has a paper purse either!
This is Princess Micki, my wonderful daughter in LOVE, holding baby Noah. *If there is a baby around, it will soon be in her arms.... (BE STILL MY HEART)! ---- She spent thee entire day before taking care of her own Mother who just had surgery, then came over this day to help me with this party. She has this FLAIR about her. She knows how to make everything look really COOL- she dipped the strawberries for me, and put all the deserts on stacked cake stands, and drizzled chocolate on a platter to lay the grapes on,.... she has the golden touch! Then, she wore my flowered apron and the crown I gave her on her 21st birthday. It suited her perfectly. :) Then, she doted on us ALL.
This.... is my precious neighbor and dear friend Princess Wacky Jackie. LOVE this picture! She is soooo endearing. I'm sure everyone would agree, that she is THEE friendliest Princess in our neck of the kingdom. She reminds me of a brunette Ellie May....- and I think she said, She gets that alot! heehee
Here: Princess Charlcie is showing the kleenex she won for a prize. --This lady never ceases to amaze me. I look uP to her, and I know...... " her children arise and call her blessed." She told us all about how she has been working out, AT THE GYM, and has lost over 20 pounds! WHOOOhOOooO!
GO PRINCESS CHARLCIE!!! We are all so excited for her!!!
The Lovely Princess Karen showing her oooohlala giant diamond ring that she won for a prize. - You simply would not believe this lady's sense of humor. She is hysterical, and it comes SO easy! She makes everyone feel SO at ease, and .... It is such an honor to have her for a friend. She has an incredible heart but I learned at this party she has alot of GRACE as well! TRUE STORY!

Princess "Tine" showing off her gawdeee rhinestone button prize. Everyone LOVES this lady! Truly, I think she oughta wear hats more often coz wreeeet wrewww don't you think?!!!!! I MEAN WOW! She looks like a movie star! When we shared in the Word, she shared a beautiful thought that I wrote down and intend to carry in my heart. She said, "GOD MADE YOU AS YOU ARE, SO HE CAN USE YOU AS HE CHOOSES." That was in one of her little devotionals, -- and she shared it with our group. I believe it was our God thing... that bit of wisdom to glean.....

Beautiful Princess Callie......... wears a crown very WELL! I changed this picture to black and white because the tiara really razzle dazzles! This Princess positively radiates and she so loves the Lord.
Princess Jackie read out of the Word for us, and shared the day she got baptised when she was young! It was awesome! -- And don't you think she looks so cute in this straw hat? She said her "honey" bought it for her long ago, to wear when she works in the garden. I can't wait for him to see the closeup picture of her in her hat. He will surely fall in love ALL OVER AGAIN! (winkwink) -- Not to worry, I intend to give him his own copy in a frame! shhhhhh!!!!!!!
Here is the sign that Heidi sent for me. Remember it? I believe it was all pre-destined to be at this garden bible study. You know... God orders our steps!
As the sun went down, the twinkle lights lit up and sparkled beneath the stars.
Here is a picture of my lil Princess and me.

And lastly our group photo. It was such fun to have a teaparty for "SISTERCHICKS!" A little time away, to dress up, be silly and share hearts. I was so happy they all came, and already there is chatter of what to do next.... ?! My Micki thinks a luau is in order.... Whatever it is... I know we will again bring our swords, and share our hearts. And all of you reading this now,... well it is kind of like coming along with us! Thanks for following all the way to thee end. Remember God loves ya...
and "who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?"
Much Love
and GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!
from all of us Sisterchicks,
At the Shabby Olde Potting shed!


Melanie said...

Hi, Lea! I love this.. a Bible study and tea party all in one. What a great idea!

Have a great week!

Peggy said...
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Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...
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Shanda said...

Very, very nice Lea, I could hardly wait for you to post these pictures. Nice job indeed, looks like you all had a lot of fun.

willzmom said...

What a special day! You are so blessed to have these sweet ladies in your life, and I'm sure they feel the same about you.

Heidi ( said...

HI Lea! Yay! I was waiting for picture of your Bible Tea! I adore all the smiling ladies. So precious in God's eyes, and so loved by is made obvious by all the preparation you did for the fun and uplifting time there in your garden! I enjoyed reading about each special lady. And smiled at the baby! Like Peggy said {above} I do feel like I was there now!

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Lea, I really enjoyed looking at your tea pictures, I love having tea parties in backyards and in country settings. My gal pals call me the fru fru lady cause I love to decorate and coordinate Tea Parties. I also enjoyed my visit to your blog and will be back to read more. Aloha Lorie

Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

Wow!!!!! I feel like I just know all these princesses and feel like I missed something I was supposed to be at!!!! Such a great thing, and you shared it wonderfully with us! Thank you!!! Cora

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful idea to fellowship in a garden. And what a garden! So, so pretty. What a wonderful day you all must have enjoyed... I'm getting some ideas...

PianoPlayer said...

Good morning, Lea. I loved reading about your tea party. That's one of my favorite things to do, either with a group of friends, or with my daughter, mother, grand- daughters. Sometimes the little ones come for a short visit (they live on the next property) and it turns into an impromptu tea party. I also read your posting about the church service. I LOVE TO SEE THAT, that God truly spoke to your heart during the pastor's message. My husband was a pastor for most of our 40 years of marriage, and it always encouraged him when a member of the flock shared with him that God had used what he said to minister to him/her.
Your postings are an encouragement to be filled with praise. Thanks.